Wu Yao by redpeggy

An empire powered by blood.

Before the Sundering, Muhar reigned over a vast empire in the east. It was centred around blood magic. Blood magic was central to the aristocracy of the Mezejin, for they ruled through their noble blood, and their noble blood granted them their blood magic. They were the chosen of Muhar.

As with other pagan empires, a lieutenant of the reigning god was appointed to serve as the mouthpiece of the divine. Xostheron acted as the lieutenant of Muhar and his representative and judge; the instrument of his will within the Mezejin.

The Mezejin Imperium fought many long wars against the other Four Gods, sometimes against the raging hordes of Brux's Maroon lady of war, Akaerna-Sagai. Often Muhar was at odds with Mnesthes, the god of nature and the untamed wilderness, the opposite of the Ivory tenets of civilization. To this end, there were often wars over Ythan'alai, the holy city. Xaxion Drak'eem often instigated new wars between the Ivory and the Viridian. Sometimes, the Kelani Empire sought to gain lore and knowledge from within the Mezejin, to archive within Kalidar. Always there was conflict, until the Sundering.

The Sundering destroyed the Mezejin Imperium, though Xostheron preserved Ythan'alai and converted the trolls within it to Muharism.

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