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Malefactors; previously Maroon Cult of Brux


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Melusine was an assassin, member of the Maroon Cult of Brux and the Maroon High Council.


On behalf of the Maroon High Council, Melusine attempted to ally with Joachim Alten in the name of paganism. He initially agreed to the union. She met him again in Kul Tiras as it was under attack by Phorcys’ Couatl, but when she implored him to join her, he’d had enough of her secrecy and rebuked her - instead proclaiming that he would join the Lightists. This infuriated Melusine, who set out on a path of vengeance.

When she learned that Joachim Alten was in Sorsbrent and his crew were held captive in Kul Tiras prison cells, she tracked him down to Gilneas. She intercepted a messenger from Gilneas and instead brought the news to Namor Periandrius herself. She hoped Namor would attack and kill Joachim and his forces while they were harbored. He agreed to do just that, and the two made furious Bruxist-style love.

She later went about killing the Alten family on Balor.

It was revealed that Melusine was the daughter of Cathia Malana. The Buffoon, who had long been her prisoner in the Box at Pellerno, captured and tortured her in revenge. Using the guise of Lady Amorim, Melusine had be in charge of the town for many years. Travot Ravenholdt and Wotan rescued her, intending to send her to Kul Tiras with Harald Alten as a gift for Joachim.


A Malefactors team, lead by Brutus Armaggon, infiltrated Boralus and secured Melusine, sending her back to Zul'Dare at the wishes of Xalmor Windrunner, who seemed to have particular interest in her. Xalmor revealed to her the Vision, earning her allegiance to the Malefactors. When the Malefactors merged victorious after the Battle of Zul'Dare, she offered the Box to Xalmor as a base for the organization.

Melusine had serious unresolved issues with her mother. She channeled those issues to relieve stress. She would dress up prisoners like the famous Leopard Priestess and murder them.

At the Battle of Dalaran, she remembered her old ties and friendships and helped Andol Corin escape death.

She participated in the Battle of Karazhan and the Battle of Ulmat Thondr. At Ulmat, her mother found her injured and desperate. Cathia had returned from her imprisonment in the Ancient Oculus, only to discover that her daughter had become a creature of malice and spite. Cathia euthanised her daughter rather than give her a second chance.

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