Meaghan Raines was a woman who Quinton Stone saved from thugs in Port Baradin. They later met properly and she thanked him for his actions. Inspired by his work, and convinced that he was in fact the masked Vigilante that had begun to patrol the Port's streets at night, she trained herself to become the Vigilantress.


Before the Great WarEdit

Meaghan was a self-trained mage and engineer. A few years before the Great War she earned herself a financier, Mr. Red, who was impressed by her work. Without having to worry about maintaining a steady income she devoted herself entirely to her work. She created numerous objects useful in her crime-fighting career. One of these was a dagger that used the technology found in Qu's Arcane Bombs to increase damage to magical targets.

During the Great WarEdit

One night in Port Baradin, Meaghan found herself assaulted by some criminal scum in a dark back alley. She was knocked unconscious before Quinton Stone arrived and rescued her. He brought her to the local hospital. When she woke up, she felt an enormous gratitude towards Stone and also a tremendous shame that she had needed a rescuer. She resolved to make sure that never happened again.

For months she trained herself, transforming herself into the Vigilantress. Though she lacked the life-long training of the Vigilante and the power that brought him, she had the advantage of her brilliant magical and scientific mind. She used powerful technology to augment her crime fighting potential.

When the Vigilante confronted Facade, he was mortally wounded. Meaghan saved his life and took him back to her home to recover. She convinced him to reveal his identity to her and was pleased to discover that her theory on his identity was correct. Together with Quinton Stone and Police Commissioner Jack Turpin she began to plan the take-down of Facade.

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