Chaos Librarian by daarken

Arronax has done terrible things.

Father Maxwell was a priest in the court of Vandemar Menethil. He travelled with Vandemar, Bauros Menethil and Hector Sherman to the Perfectibilist Summit at Shorel'Thalas. Maxwell was one of the only Lightists present who objected to Archbishop Momar's plan to enact a pagan genocide.

He confronted the Archivists who were present at the summit, the ones responsible for provoking Momar's madness. The Archivists present revealed themselves to be pagans - the only true Archivist among them was the young Cerzimon, whom they had fooled into giving them several prophecies. Before Maxwell could warn the rest of the world, he was struck down by Arronax Sanguinar and locked away for decades.

Maxwell was eventually broken out of his confinement by the Council of Tirisfal at the start of the Great War of Lordaeron, because the Tirisfalen were investigating the pagans. But by then, the revelations of the Perfectibilist Summit had come too late, and all the Tirisfalen could do was try to stem Men'heva's influence.

Arronax Sanguinar returned to Shorel'Thalas and kidnapped Maxwell and Cerzimon after killing Robere de Changee. In the dungeons, he was subjected to corrupting influences and ruined.

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