Maximus Krowl


People's Front of Lordaeron, Himself


Former Leader of the People's Front, first of the Perenolde dynasty of Alterac




Survived the Great War



Maximus Krowl was the leader of the People's Front of Lordaeron during its early stages, but then attempted to disband it when he struck a deal with King Alford Menethil of Lordaeron whom he had rebelled against.

Krowl had joined the army of Lordaeron and had made great progress through the ranks. At least, until he met and fell in love with Thera the cousin of James Sherman. Not being of noble blood, Krowl was unable to go through with his heart's desire, and could never wed the woman he had fallen for. When Marshal Sherman discovered the affair, he was enraged, and had Krowl kicked out of the army.

Having been awoken to the social injustice at work, coupled with the rampant harm done by the Witch Hunters of Lordaeron, Krowl decided to assist the growing rebellion known as the People's Front. His contact, Canbrad, welcomed him into the front. Due to Krowl's military expertise and days as a commander, he was eventually given supreme command of the People's Front.

Krowl soon grew disillusioned with what he saw was going to be a needless massacre. Instead, he arranged a meeting with Alford Menethil and agreed to allow himself to fall into the hands of justice, if he was to be given a new opportunity at his dreams. Alford won Krowl over, by offering him the throne of Alterac, which he expected would be freed of its Xie dynasty soon enough. Krowl accepted and told his men to stand down. A few did, but the majority had no reason to, and followed Canbrad on to fight Lordaeron.

He took on the alias of an extinct Alterac house of nobility, and named himself Halman Perenolde. As Halman Perenolde, he got into contact with old friends from the People's Front, such as Henrick Balnir and Emilda Blackmoore. With their assistance, he infiltrated Alterac during its great banquet. On his way, he met the fugitive Caxagord, who helped him escape the inquisition of Chronokul Asher and reach Alterac City safely. There, Krowl, as Halman Perenolde, met with Pierronne Drace and one of the Ravenholdt teams under Travot Ravenholdt and Vord Wallis.

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