Real Name:



The Collective


Crime Lord




Deceased/Was impaled vigorously


Zandalar Troll

Mawkiki was a Crime Lord of the Collective during the Great War.


Mawkiki was a corrupt augur of the Zandalar Tribe.

Warring races and nations wouldn’t openly trade with each other, and this created a sizable black market. The insidious troll exploited her position of respect amongst trollkind to become an enormously profitable trafficker - drugs, weapons, humanoids. If a dwarf junkie is desperate enough, then he or she will snort product that came from a troll. Likewise, whom would a jungle troll turn to when struck with an insatiable craving for the less sun-addled flesh of a human from the far north? Mawkiki, that’s who.

When the Buffoon called together the crime lords of the Collective to announce his plan to kill Faldren Darafel, Mawkiki voted in favor of the plan.

When Crystal Ball, revealed as a servant of Men'heva, caused a split in the ranks of the Collective, Namor Periandrius went to Mawkiki to form an alliance. He convinced her with his penis.

She lost her life tragically via impalement in the Battle of Ulmat Thondr.

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