Mathurin Hawkspear
Mathurin Hawkspear
The War Hawk.


High Elf




Ranger General



Mathurin Hawkspear was the lord and general of the armies of Quel'thalas during the Great War of Lordaeron. Though not the finest tactician owing to a lack of experience, he performed his duties with zeal and devotion. He commanded the Grand Army during its expedition against the Benefactors, making a bitter enemy of Kariel Winthalus. When the Amani invaded, the Grand Army attempted to check the incursion, but failed repeatedly. Despite the Benefactors making a treaty with Silvermoon and assisting in the protection of the kingdom, the Amani were eventually successful in destroying the Grand Army. Though Rimtori was put in charge of the remnants of the Grand Army, it was too late to turn the tide.

The Amani invaded Silvermoon City, and Mathurin Hawkspear bought time for his comrades to escape by acting as Ban'dinoriel' 'a gatekeeper' against the enemy tide. He was killed in single combat with Maka of the Firetree.

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