Maroon High Council

Main Leader


Secondary Leaders

Sagan Deathgrin, Alanassori, Wiglaf Folles, Andol Corin, Margaret Corin, Oran, Melusine

Capital/Based In

Corin's Crossing


A dozen elder gnolls, humans and elves


To command and direct the Maroon Cult of Brux


People's Front of Lordaeron

The Maroon High Council was the circle of commanders, warlords and elders that led and oversaw the Maroon Cult of Brux. They were based out of the city of Corin's Crossing. When it was stormed by the forces of Marshal James Sherman, the council attempted to flee. Many of its members were captured not far from Corin's Crossing, however. While Yune the Bloodmaid, known better as Margaret Corin, was taken captive, the rest of the councillors were slaughtered.

In some shape and form, the council was reforged under the guidance of Andol Corin, when he claimed Lordaeron City. Andol, himself a member of the old council, forged a new one to help him rule his violently inherited kingdom.

The Maroon Cult of Brux
Amron Radiun Malad
Maroon High Council (Sagan Deathgrin  · Wiglaf Folles  · Andol Corin  · Margaret Corin  · Oran  · Melusine)