Maroon Cult of Brux

Main Leader


Secondary Leaders

Maroon High Council

Capital/Based In

Corin's Crossing


Several thousand Strattanian humans and gnolls


To conquer Strattania and convert the kingdom into a Bruxist state


People's Front of Lordaeron

The Maroon Cult of Brux was an organization forged by the elf, Amron, in the region of eastern Lordaeron known as Strattania with the purpose of furthering the goals of the Viridian Prophet and ultimately conquering Lordaeron.

Summary Edit

Corin's Crossing was a town founded and run by the noble Corin family. Over the generations, the town enjoyed a central position in Strattania, becoming a centre of trade and prosperity. It also happened to become a centre for rumours and wild stories, where discontented workers would gather to form unions and complain about the monarchy. Over time, Corin's Crossing became a sanctuary for such ruffians and figures who wanted to escape notice or persecution by the Church of the Holy Light. The Corin family was rumoured to have Bruxist sympathies.

Cultist - sourced from the Witcher

Cultist fury.

These rumours led Amron to Corin's Crossing, where he made a pact with the Corin family. The town became Amron's secret seat of power, from which he forged the Cult and the Maroon High Council. Over time, the Cult grew strong, until Amron could unleash it upon the kingdom. With Sagan and his gnolls contributing to the cause, there was little that Lordaeron's Eastern Legion could do to stop the tide, especially since it had been infiltrated.

Ultimately, the Cult split its forces into two; one half would head north to take Stratholme as the Maroon March, while the other half was led by the young Andol Corin, who attacked Tyr's Hand.

Marshal James Sherman led a relief force into Strattania, while Adaen Melrache fought the Cult's allies, the People's Front of Lordaeron in the centre of the kingdom. Once Sherman dispatched the Maroon March, he executed several key figures of the High Council in Corin's Crossing and then moved to liberate Tyr's Hand.

The Maroon Cult was dismembered, and Amron slain at Caer Darrow. However, it lived on in another form through Andol Corin, though its original structure and purpose was drastically changed once Amron was gone.

The Maroon Cult of Brux
Amron Radiun Malad
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