Born of one of the richest Muharist families in Dalaran, DeLuca did not let the luxury he inherited turn him into a soft man. He joined the cavalry of Dalaran and rapidly rose through the ranks
Lionheart concept2

A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon.

, helping to expand the military of the city-state. When the Hesperian Alliance was formed, DeLuca found himself as one of the nation's leading military men and was subordinate only to General Niccolo Marius in the Western Legion.

Alongside Marius he struck at the Kirin Mora stronghold of Ambermill and took it. Ambermill was abandoned before the onslaught of the Imperial Host under Marshal James Sherman.

He was one of few to survive the metal powder bomb ambush in Venege, which destroyed the Western Legion. DeLuca rode for the army in the east and warned them of what had transpired. Then he joined a council of war with Javali, Farren Meracci, Avette Korgal and Ranndin Scipio.

When DeLuca mocked Javali, Javali vaporized him and then executed Korgal for treason.

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