Mithril Mask

We all wear masks... but they're not all made of mithril!

In human legends, a tyrannical ruler once unfairly imprisoned one of his subjects. He was held in custody for years and forced to wear a mask made of Mithril. Eventually, this prisoner, known forever only as “the Man in the Mithril Mask,” escaped and lead a popular uprising against the tyrant. Since that time, the donning of a mithril mask has become a symbol of opposition to tyranny.

Modern TimesEdit

The most recent individual to be known as the Man in the Mithril Mask was a prisoner at a Lordaeron-occupied Fenris Keep during the Great War. An expedition to rescue this man was mounted by Alford Menethil, Robere de Changee, Percy Fayette, Adaen Melrache, and the Companions.

 He was revealed to be Bauros Menethil, Alford's brother. Alford himself later used the mask.

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