The Malefactors
Centaur 01 concept art (Centaur Raiders)

Main Leader

Xalmor Windrunner

Secondary Leaders

Uthek, Krenka, Gragtor, Krullaran, the Centaur Pariah, Theradras

Capital/Based In

Theradrian Wildlands (formerly known as Desolace)


The united Centaur


To destroy the work of the false prophet Men'heva and to ensure the survival of the centaur empire


the Shen'dralar, Theramore

In the Age of Men'heva, the Malefactors still resist the will of Men'heva. Long ago Xalmor relocated the group to Kalimdor at the urging of Xaxion Drak'eem and converted the centaur to his cause. Hundreds of years later the group is almost exclusively made of centaur.

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