The Malefactors

Main Leader

Brutus Armaggon; formerly Xalmor Windrunner

Secondary Leaders

Iolande Elliot, Odola Bloodleaf, Kraus Gardham,

Other Members

Drazial and Lynnore Strikenstar, Galaran, Joleera, Mi'irku Farstep, Elsharin, Koryfaus Bhelgar, Yunaria, Skycaller, Ravandwyn, Kriss Goldenlight, Mirla Silverblaze, Kevin Harper, Frank Conway, Dominique Enjolras

Former Members

Ianthe Marsh, Iphis Galmin, Asa Pierce, Orianthi Strikenstar, Eulan Firecaster, Andrael, Chora Atticans, Martin MacVince, Gyu-ri Kahn, Melusine, Masked Assassin, Nevain Daxanar, Lady Anazar, Voldana, Harriet, Xalmor Windrunner

Capital/Based In

Zanzifos; formerly Grinwillow, the Box




To destroy the work of the false prophet Men'heva and to dismantle the Benefactors


Ravenholdt, Daughters of Pontus

The Malefactors are Xalmor Windrunner's response to the Benefactors after discovering that the organization was, in fact, heretical. Xalmor was first able to recruit after Phorcys revealed the Truth to those in Boralus.

They spearheaded an incursion into Zul'Dare alongside the Maz'asi Rebellion, seizing Grinwillow as their capital.

The Malefactors
Xalmor Windrunner
Ianthe Marsh  · Brutus Armaggon  · Masked Assassin  · Anazar

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