Magical Bombs were in heavy use during the Great War of Lordaeron. The original was developed by the supercriminal Facade, who released it into the world as an experiment. Within a decade, the bomb and variations of it were ubiquitous.

Magical BombEdit

The original design, it features a magically charged core the creates an explosion when released.

Crude BombsEdit

Cheap knock-offs of the original created and used by Amaulthar's sect of the Church of Kruel. They saw little use after the battle of Harrowdale.

Arcane BombEdit

Ravenholdt's Qu developed the arcane bomb upon the very core features of the original one. Instead of using an internal magic source, it draws upon an external source. As such, it is only useful against magical individuals. Additionally, the more magically powerful the individual the more powerful the explosion.

Arcane DaggerEdit

Meaghan Raines used the technology of Qu's arcane bomb to build a dagger that used the target's mana to cause additional damage.

Arcane GrenadesEdit

A more powerful and more portable version of the original, these were also designed by Facade. Furthermore, each was tied to Facade by a triggerspell that he could use to detonate them separately.

Mana BombsEdit

The largest and most powerful variation, these were developed and used by the Perinany Legion.

Powder BombsEdit

Developed in Dalaran by Ulyssan, these bombs forego use of the magical explosion to cause damage in favor of a fine metallic powder. The dust, when inhaled, destroys the lungs and causes internal bleeding and suffocation.

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