Priest by Keun chul

Muhar's last name is not "Dammit."

Madreen Chameral, Ivory Templar, both identifiers for this elf. Alial was his consort.

He made it his personal mission to guide the forces of the Hesperian Alliance against the incursion from Stromgarde. Leading many heroic missions such as the taking of Tornio and the rescue of the pagan dwarves, Madreen became a whisper of fear amidst the enemy lines.

He returned to Quel'thalas to help the Benefactors in their attempt to retake the high home from the trolls. However, they fail. Madreen and his group fled, but Alial was killed by giant spider poison.

Malefactor spies discovered his location and informed Xalmor Windrunner of it. He sent a team consisting of Iolande Elliot, Donald Redpath, Cyrisus, Brutus Armaggon, Anazar and Melusine to kill him quickly.

With the assistance of secret traitor Andrael, Madreen was slain.

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