Lukas Notaras was a minister and lord of Stromgarde during the reign of King Eralas Trollbane. His carrier

The distinguished mercenary by justaman78-d34fym3

Royal blood boils foul when man puts his faith in such superstitions as the Light. It is from Muhar that we came. In him must we trust.

continued into the reign of Dorath Trollbane after the abdication of Eralas. When Stromgarde grew incensed with its neighbours, a rival Archbishop to the one in Lordaeron was appointed; Carolus Alden. The schism led to many orthodox Lightists attempting to lead a rebellion in the city. Taking advantage of the confusion, Lukas Notaras, secretly a follower of Muhar, attempted to assassinate the royal family.

His coup failed and he was driven into exile. He waited patiently, until Kariel Winthalus persuaded Mallick Vitalian of the recently disbanded Arathi Freedom Movement to attempt a new rebellion. Lukas Notaras joined the new insurgency, which blistered right within Stromgarde's walls. Dorath and Archbishop Alden were both killed in the new and successful coup.

Lukas Notaras thereafter set out to negotiate pacts with the Hesperian Alliance against the royalists.

His bargaining with Javali backfired when Javali had Notaras killed. Franek Snowburn impersonated Notaras within Stromgarde for a time, until the act no longer proved useful. Nikeras Notaras took over in Lukas' stead.

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