Lucio Benado

Lucio Benado: The Purple Haze

Lucio Benado lived during the Great War. He once punched Tim the Gate Guard in the face.


Lucio Benado was an insane dude during the Great War.

He began his career as a comparatively normal freelance spymaster that worked out of Pellerno. He used the handle of “the Flamingo.” His profession was arranged by his father, Georgio Benado, who had always dreamed of being a spymaster himself.

At some point, Lucio stumbled upon the lost journal of Nicholas Drake of the Six in the black market. The journal spoke of why he rebelled! Of the Hareveim cult, manipulating the aristocracy. Of their plan to seize the Prophecies from the Archivists. This was valuable information.

Benado was then hired by Javali to spy on Alterac and the Xies. Unfortunatly, he was caught by the Chancellors and subjectd to their twisted experiments - they fried his brain with madness, but he survived. Having unbalanced his brain chemistry, Lucio truly transformed into his Flamingo persona and developed a proclivity for speaking in the third person. He eventually escaped, but while in Alterac, he saw Emberstone Sanguinar of the Six. He hunted Emberstone for the ultimate truth! To unveil Emberstone would have a high reward in gold pennies!



He then encountered Robere de Changee and Percy Fayette in Alterac, where they attempted to rescue Tim the Gate Guard from a beating Benado was giving him. They conversed and it turned out that the agents of Ravenholdt were interested in Benado’s information. Benado would only divulge it if they permitted him to join the the Nightslayers, a group for which he could never correctly say the name (amongst his errors include nightstalkers, night rangers, and nightingales).

They reluctantly agreed, and then, based on Benado's information, pursued the Archivist Cerzimon. Finding him, they stumbled upon new adventures.


"Lucio Benado’s ring finger is an uncommon 65.9 millimeters in diameter. Jewel-crafters are often amazed and alarmed at the additional time needed to accommodate his girthy digit."

Lucio Benado - Card

Lucio Benado Card

Lucio Benado: "Fellow Night Terror, perhaps you can defeat Lucio Benato’s betwixtment. All members of the Perinany Legion can only sire male children, correct? And all the sons would be born to fight along the general for the good of humanity? So it strikes me… do they reproduce asexually?"

Percy Fayette: "Uhhh… I think they just find girls outside the Legion. A shore leave kinda thing."

Lucio Benado: "They look like they may “bud” to me. Like a paramecium."

A letter to Javali from Lucio Benado: "Lucio Benado be wanting to say Hey, what's up? Lucio Benado also wanting to report back to base. "

"Lucio Benado just wanted spicy meat balls!" he shouted, tears streaming from his face as he disarmed the Hareveim with great force.

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