Lolita Scipio: Ms. Azeroth Contender

Lolita Scipio was the daughter of Ranndin Scipio, Count of Andriano, and the love interest of Travot Ravenholdt, Lord of Ravenholdt.


Early Great WarEdit

Lolita was born into luxury as the daughter of Adriano’s count. Blessed with great beauty, she intended to compete in the Ms. Azeroth Competition before it was cancelled due to the volatile political climate immediately before the Great War.

During a function, she caught the attention of Travot Ravenholdt. He became infatuated with the young woman, and concocted various schemes to woo her. He was successful, as Lolita traveled with him to Ravenholdt’s mountain community and remained there. By all accounts, they have a healthy romantic relationship.

Travot intended to propose to her before the Other attacked Ravenholdt and he pursued it to Alterac.

The CollectiveEdit

Lolita was in fact a lord of the Collective.