Linus Wrynn
Linus Wrynn
This Linus needs no security blanket...









Linus Wrynn was the General of Stormwind’s armies under King Silas Lothar. He was an accomplished warrior and a well-heralded military leader, but he chaffed under Lothar’s policy of neutrality in the Great War. He believed that, as the Light’s chosen people, Stormwind had an obligation to stem the growing pagan tide.

When Lothar refused Travot Ravenholdt’s formal request to join the Great War, Linus took action. He confronted Travot on his way back to Ravenholdt and implored him to help Linus usurp control of Stormwind from the king. Travot, happy to find an ally in the kingdom, gladly allied with Wrynn.

The two hatched a plot to smear Lothar’s reputation amongst an already divided populace to force him to abdicate his throne. Using patsies, they spread the idea that Lothar was a secret Bruxist. That justified a confrontation in the throne room, where Lothar refused to abdicate.

However, unbeknownst to Linus, Travot had arranged for his Wildpaw Gnolls under Tooth to attack and raze Northshire Abbey. A herald brought this news, and Wrynn immediately assembled a host to put down the attackers. Wrynn killed Tooth in a bloodly battle. Lothar refused to step down, but did agree to bring Stormwind into the Great War.

Linus was appointed supreme commander of Stormwind’s offensive against the pagan kingdoms. He was to ally with Stromgarde and send Linus with Duke Augustus Fenris to reclaim Fenris Isle. The plan of action was to prepare the navy and use it to send the army to claim Balor, the Tirasian colony off the coast. The navy would then sail them to the theatres of war in the north.

It was at this time that Linus received an anonymous gift, a small trinket in the form of a necklace. From this point on he wore it at all times. In truth, it was a creation of Tobijah Kruel, who had imbued it with shadow. Kruel had heard of the General's devout Lightist views and wished to bring him into his congregation at the Church of Kruel eventually. However, while the pendant influenced Wrynn's thoughts it was not in the way Kruel intended. Instead, it gave him a lust for power, one so strong that he would even ally with the hated Benefactors.

He arranged for a marriage between himself and Arinre Greymane. When they ventured to Ginchar for the wedding they found it destroyed, but Kruel's hand no less. They attempted to wed at Ginutzim, but were interrupted by Warren Greystone, who destroyed Wrynn's corrupting pendant and warned them to flee. Linus barely escaped with his life as the Sanctions of Kruel destroyed the commune.

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