Lijou: Flaming a Troll

The Crimson Cabal were pyromancers who were successors of the first magi trained in Strom by the elves to fight in the Troll Wars. They were lead by a council of three Lords of the Crimson Cabal, and during the Great War Magus Lijou was one such leader, alongside Magus Azshard and Magus Elrich.

Magus Lijou helped Eralas Trollbane keep civil order in Stromgarde until his abdication, after which he continued servicing his kingdom under Dorath Trollbane. Lijou saw further service when Eralas Trollbane journeyed to Quel'Thalas. Lijou accompanied them along with many others of the Cabal. Azshard and Lijou participated in the defence of Silvermoon City from the troll hordes of Overlord Nuvazgal and Ha'lin. Azshard and the Convocation of Silvermoon held back the trollish fleet and allowed many to escape, including King Anasterian Sunstrider and Eralas. It came at the cost of Lijou's life, however, and he fell in battle at Ban'dinoriel alongside Azshard and Tarathien Goldleaf.