Ligdus Galmin was one of the four dukes of Grinwillow and rival to the Marsh family, namely Ephraim Marsh and Ewekapu Marsh. He had a daughter, Iphis, whom he disowned and gave to the Ianthe Marsh. He was suspicious of the Prophet's promises but believed in his ideals.

When Galmin betrayed Xalmor Windrunner by attacking his Lightist allies, the Stromgardian forces led by Garn, he was maimed, imprisoned, and stripped of his title. Control of the House Galmin was given to Ianthe.

Sometime after the Battle of Boralus Ligdus was assassinated by a mysterious figure.

The Esoteric Order
Xalmor Windrunner
The Dukes of Grinwillow (Duke Marsh of Barsmouth  · Duke Waite of Miasma  · Duke Elliot of Ilyos  · Duke Galmin of Dunwich)
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Duke Tsath of Haven

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