"Honey Buttocks, I am not making a fool out of you." -Eldengar Trollbane

Elf Ranger by sypri


The Benefactors


Ally of Eldengar Trollbane






High Elf

Liera was a pagan elf who spent her days wandering Quel'thalas, cutting herself off from the politics of the Benefactors or the confinement of Silvermoon. Loyal to Mnesthes, she paid homage to him in the dark places of the world, wandered only by few.

When the Amani invaded Quel'thalas, she realised that to protect her people she would have to sow violence. She took up arms and joined the Benefactors in helping evacuate civilians to Quel'danas. There, she heard of the courage of the Crimson Cabal and the dedication of Eralas Trollbane to helping her people. She swore to repay that debt.

The Benefactors deposed Dorath Trollbane and killed him and Liera was helpless to act. Yet, when Eldengar Trollbane's life was next on the line at Stonehold, she warned him of the assassination plot against him. Eldengar acted in time to defend himself against Haeliel, whom he killed. Anandor was taken prisoner and Liera joined Eldengar's cause.

Eldengar nicknamed her 'Honey Buttocks'.

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