Liberius Laike was the chief of Alterac City's secret police during the reign of Tendura Xie. He was chosen by Mikhail Gabranth to become one of the first Assassin-Magi alongside Shade. In his madness, Xie dubbed Liberius Laike 'Jamitov Hymem', a nonsensical otherwordly name. It was one of Xie's odd habits to give his followers strange names that they were forced to retain under penalty of death.

After the fall of the Xie regime, Liberius Laike was recruited by Maximus Krowl and drafted into Henrick Balnir's death squad, which murdered Lora Menethil and imprisoned Alford Menethil and Thomassy.

Typically, when Black Dragons attempted a coup, Liberius Laike sided with them. He was paid for his services by a sword through the gut, delivered by Owen Zverenhoff.

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