Levin Rovandiel

You're only as old as you feel... unless you're dead.

Levin Rovandiel was a member of the Perinany Legion and one of the "Fist of Humanity" leaders. A white skinned bald man with a grey beard, Levin was the oldest of the fist having 56 years on him during the Great War.

Levin was the most cautious of the fist, his motto was "A man grows withered and old on more than just luck." While a good commander in battle, Levin truly shines when he administrates the infrastructure of civilians, he was a master bureaucrat and can administrate a place to function with an effectiveness that would make the elves green with envy. While the majority of Perinanies were Lightists, Levin was in fact a Muharist. It did not affect his allegiance, and he made this abundantly clear during the Great War.

Died in battle with Hesperians shortly after retreating from Ambermill.

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