Leopold von Braent
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We have to distrust each other. It is our only defence against betrayal.




Braent, Malachite Hand





Lord of the city of Braent, sponsor of the Malachite Hand and a friend of Kul Tiras, Leopold von Braent was born into the family tradition of Mnesthian fanatacism. This set him as a steadfast competitor with Sorsbrent in the south, ancient enemies of his family.

During the Azure Revolution, Leopold abstained from getting involved in the war. On one hand, the Malachite Hand and the Azure Church of Gilneas were bitter enemies. The Hand had long obeyed the king with Braent's permission to do so. On the other, Leopold knew that by allowing the Lightist and Azures to fight one another, both would become weaker. With both weak, he could then be left to pick up the pieces.

Unfortunately for Braent, Gilneas did not fall apart. Ercate Sorsbrent raised an army to restore the Lightist rule to Gilneas and to rescue Viktor Greymane. What he did first was lay siege to Braent. Leopold eventually surrendered and feigned allegiance to Ercate's cause.

When Tebrin was freed in Sorsbrent and resumed his position of Castellan, Braent led many of his forces to the city to consolidate his position. He established contact with Kul Tiras and prepared for a new order of things. Kul Tiras sent a navy to Sorsbrent, but it was defeated and Tebrin was killed by Katherine Adai of Lordaeron. Braent then lied, pretending that he was an enemy of Kul Tiras. He joined Joachim Alten on an expedition to attack Boralus, but then betrayed it, leading to defeat.

Braent finally pledged himself to Kul Tiras officially, which annexed his domains and sent forces to his city.

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