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Many of the original characters in the Great War are the ancestors of modern Warcraft characters or are in some other way related to the greater World of Warcraft. This page will attempt to be a roadmap for those connections.

  • Note that designation as an “ancestor” does not mean the modern character traces a direct lineage from the Great War character, merely that the character from the Great War came before them and shares some degree of relation in a familial bloodline

Related to LordaeronEdit

Alford Menethil

Adaen Melrache

Borett Pureblood

Friedrik de Mon

Daevin Shadowbreaker

Lucius Fordring

Warren Greystone

Margaret Corin

Henrick Balnir

Emilda Blackmoore

Related to HesperiaEdit

Dorian Armonis

Avette Korgal

William Jordan

Grigori Dosantos

Casamir Odelic

Related to RavenholdtEdit

Travot Ravenholdt


Kid Gorgeous

Owen Zverenhoff

Related to Kul TirasEdit


Donald Redpath

Xanthus Alverold

Gerard Falrevere

Henry Caldwell

Archibald Firallon

Lennart McNabb

Janus DeMeza

Cyrus Reethe

Related to AlteracEdit

Yeven Montrose


Related to StromgardeEdit

Eralas Trollbane & Dorath Trollbane

Related to Zul'AmanEdit

Related to IronforgeEdit

Gudrun Anvilmar & Relgast Anvilmar

Urkath Oilfist

Skirvar Thaurissan

Urel Wildhammer

Bolverk Bronzebeard & Rogni Bronzebeard

Yarin Angerforge

Agor Forgewright

Related to GilneasEdit

Viktor Greymane & Arinre Greymane

Taldron Soben

Herman Aranas

Related to Quel'thalasEdit

Anasterian Sunstrider

Tanilias Starseeker

Mathurin Hawkspear

Tarathien Goldleaf

Xalmor Windrunner

Amarian Zeshuwal

Rimtori Sanguinar & Relfthra

Related to the Perinany LegionEdit

Herubrad Garithos

Duncan Springvale

Related to Zul'DareEdit

Ewekapu Marsh, Ephraim Marsh & Ianthe Marsh

Related to StormwindEdit

Silas Lothar

Linus Wrynn

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