A noble of the House Daedran of Sorsbrent, Lamar was raised into a two-faceted life. On one hand, he served the government and lords of his home city, acting often as an ambassador and a diplomat. On the other, in secret, he was training as a member of the Malachite Hand, which his family was traditionally alligned with. As a politician, he provided the Hand with access to the city's upper echelons and a lot of insider information.

He helped convince the lords of Sorsbrent to go to war against General Mordred Baldanes and to try and free Viktor Greymane, thus serving the Malachite Hand's interests, as the Azures were the traditional enemies of the Hand.

Outside Zanzifos he acted as the go-between for Ercate Sorsbrent and Tobijah Kruel. When the heretic, Lightist and pagan armies clashed outside Zanzifos, Lamar Daedran vanished and was presumed dead. In truth, he had slipped away to confer with the rest of the Malachite Hand and continue his duties in secret.

After Zamelean's death in Zanzifos, he became one of the leaders of the Hand, alongside Louis Oudinot. His nephew, Pippin Daedran, betrayed a Malachite plot to kill Herman Aranas, however, who then vanished. The traditional home of the Hand, Braent, surrendered to Cemal Soben eventually, and with Tebrin dead, the Malachite Hand was scattered and weak.

Eager to continue serving the nation, Lamar Daedran led many of his remaining comrades to Ginchar to find Rodin Fornsform, who they blamed for much of the kingdom's troubles.

He went through all sorts of hell and yet, he survived, escaping the Realm of Shadows, only to be killed by Atrumarion in Magyver McGowan's body in a humiliating fashion.

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