The Kul Tiras Regency Council was formed in the wake of the assassination of Thaumas Proudmoore at Fenris Isle. It consisted of the late Grand Admiral's daughter, Elaine Proudmoore, her husband, Xanthus Alverold, the Commodore Namor Periandrius, Baron Joachim Alten of Balor and various other lesser nobles and officials.

Though the power of the regency council was absolute, it was soon usurped by Phorcys when he returned to Kul Tiras. Phorcys made Periandrius his second in command, and thus true power rested not in the regency council. Under Phorcys, the Lightists of Kul Tiras were slaughtered, though many escaped with the help of Joachim Alten and Cyrus Reethe. Bishop Jeremon Reddon was eventually hunted down and killed by special agents in a cave.

After the slaughter, Phorcys went into isolation, leaving Namor Periandrius to do as he pleased. Events went downhill until the Battle of Boralus took place, in which Phorcys unleashed the Vision.

Once the Battle of Boralus had concluded, Phorcys was gone, Periandrius had been arrested and the regency council had been restored to power, with Joachim Alten leading it alongside Elaine and Xanthus.

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