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The Duke of House Waite of Grinwillow was one of the four leaders of the Esoteric Order during the Great War. He was the oldest of the dukes and therefore it was no surprise that he was also the most conservative. Along with Duke Ligdus Galmin he was suspicious of the promises of Men'heva, but unlike Ligdus, he kept a low profile.

He sent his relative, Barnabas Waite, to act as advisor to Ewekapu Marsh to strengthen the ties between House Marsh and House Waite, as was tradition in Grinwillow.

He was killed by one of the Keepers at the request of Mathredis Firestar for control of his Reformed Ones.

The Esoteric Order
Xalmor Windrunner
The Dukes of Grinwillow (Duke Marsh of Barsmouth  · Duke Waite of Miasma  · Duke Elliot of Ilyos  · Duke Galmin of Dunwich)
Ewekapu Marsh  · Barnabas Waite  · Ianthe Marsh  · Forseti Waite  · Iolande Elliot  · Iphis Galmin  · Iðunn Waite
Duke Tsath of Haven

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