Named after the mountains between Lordaeron and Hesperia, Alterac is one of the six human nations that came into being after the fall of Arathor. This land is Ruled since its founding by the Xie dynasty, previusly known has Kravekat before being renamed by Xie the Second a few generations ago. The Kings rule with the help of a select sect of Magi commonly known has The Chancellors .
Kingdom of Alterac

The region controlled by the Kingdom

Political and Social Organization. Edit

Alterac officially is ruled by the King with the help of his Chancellors. But has time passed the power and influence of The Chancellors over the goverment grew. First they stripped the Noble Landowners of their and their influence over the peasants, then with the formation of an army only loyal of the king they got rid of their personal armies. Turning them into a mere aristocracy who lived off rents. Also they made certian the King only married with other members of the Royal family with the argument the blood of the Dynasty should remain pure, this eventually took its toll over the mind of the rulers and completing the Chancellors power over the goverment.

Quite recenty all of this suddlenly changed  with the rule of Lord Tendura Xie. Lord Tendura with the help of Caxagord, a chancellor who named himself premier, executed most of the the Chancellors in brutal and public events across the land. However not all of them were killed, Mikhail Gabranth remained neutral during the purges as long his military interests were respected and assured. Bergan Yezhov suddenly resurfaced, along with Yeven Montrose.

Population Edit

Alteracs population is mainly rural, most of them peasants who live in small town across the moutains. Also some nomad shepherds inhabit the mountaints livving of their sheeps and the occasional trade with the villages. The capital city of Alterac located in the south west of the Kingdom contains most of its urban population, its here that the nobles reside after their large properties were taken by the Chancellors, living off the rent of whatever property the still had. The second larger concentration of urban population is the city of Strahnbrad in the northeast near the border with Lordaeron.

Also the Kingdom isn't only inhabitated by humans, numerous Gnoll tribes dwell the northen forests divided in small tribes or clans. And in a Valley near the center of the mountain range a consdierable amount of Ice Trolls reside since ancient times.




History Edit