Kid Gorgeous




Ravenholdt; Magyver McGowan


Animal Partner (Don't call him a pet)



Kid Gorgeous is a black panther who acted at the companion to Magyver McGowan.


Born in the vast jungle of Strangelthorn Vale, Kid Gorgeous was a savage and majestic predator. At a young age he faced constant hardship in the dense foliage, from battles with crocolisks to confrontations with Skullsplitter Troll hunters.

While the mighty cat was still very young, a Ravenholdt operative named Magyver McGowan traveled far south on a pilgrimage in search of a beast to tame. He observed many animals in the jungle, but was unimpressed
Magyver and KG

McGowan and Kid Gorgeous

with them all. That trend continued until he encountered the animal he would name Kid Gorgeous. He was struck by the beats inherent nobility and incredible stealth (an attribute valued by agents of Ravenholdt).

He made an effort to tame the beast, and Kid Gorgeous accepted. Over time, the formed a true bond and have become inseparable friends.

When Magyver was assigned special missions during the Great War, Kid Gorgeous accompanied him and always fought by his side.



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