"And so if I do? Gonna hit me again? Gonna throw me into the spiders?"

Katoom was a trollish slave in Jintha'alor, working ceaselessly for his Vilebranch masters and their Aman'zasi. He soon found himself in the company of an Amani messenger, Torosh. The arrival of Torosh served as a token of what was to come.

Jin'thek, Lethon and Myrokos Silentform all arrived at Jintha'alor to do battle with Jo'ra and her Aman'zasi. In the chaos, the slaves rose up and rebelled. While Katoom initially doubted Jin'thek, he soon realised the golden opportunity that had arrived. The rebellion was successful and Jo'ra was killed, while the avatar of Elortha no Shadra was defeated.

In the new order, Katoom was selected as a new chieftain for the Vilebranch with the supervision of Torosh and Exhel. Life improved in Jintha'alor after the rebellion, but Katoom grew restless, waiting for Jin'thek's invasion of human lands to begin. Hoping to begin the war himself one of Katoom's lieutenants led a trollish attack on Stonehold hoping to please the new chief of the Vilebranch in doing so. However Exhel the chief of the Amani Shadowhunters and Jin'thek's right hand in the Hinterlands wasn't so keen on his insubordination.

After the attack had been called off and the lieutenant executed, Katoom was taken to Atalm, the trollish name for the ancient city upon which Silvermoon was built on, to be judged by Jin'thek. The Warchief of the Trollish alliance, and soon to be leader of the Trollish Lebenstraum, forgave his life but not without punishment.

His punishment finished and the landing at Quel'danas inminent, Katoom was sent back to the Hinterlands to lead the defense against the expected human reprisals. It did not took long for a expedition led by the ivory templar to enter the forest from the south, heading straight towards the city of Jintha'Alor. The pagan army was allowed to enter deep inside the forests and led towards they city without many problems, where the unexpecting army was attacked by Shadra's spawn and led into a seemingly empty city. The trap set the army was led straight into the caves of Jintha'alor where even more of Shadra's spawns awaited and slowly began to devour the army, the Ivory templar barely managing to escape through a portal out of the cave.

Katoom was assassinated by Percy Fayette during the Alterac Campaign.

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