In Stromgarde Catherine is Katerina.

A princess of Stromgarde and sister of Tatiana Trollbane. As a member of the royal family, she was trained in diplomacy, swordsmanship and statesmanship, and was sent on diplomatic missions to represent the 'empire'. One such mission took her to Tol Barad to negotiate safe passage for Commodore Garn and his fleet. Garn was nonetheless defeated and Katerina was left stranded in the city of Rhodos. There she befriended Theodoros Haal, its mayor.

News did not reach Katerina that Stromgarde had fallen to rebels under Mallick Vitalian until it was far too late. By then, new problems had quarantined her to the island, as the Esoteric Order lay siege to Rhodos. A fleet from Stormwind enacted a timely intervention, driving back the invaders.

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