Jo'ra: Does Whatever a Spider-troll Can

Vile Priestess Jo'ra was the

Priestess of Elortha no Shadra and leader of the Vilebranch.


At the Summertide Festival, Warlod Jin’thek assembled a congregation of representatives from all the Forest Troll tribes. Jo’ra attended as the Jintha'alor emissary, but spoke up against Jin’thek after his rallying speech. Violence broke out, and she escaped by transforming into a spider and leaping into the nearby trees.

During her transformation, mandibles rip from her face and her limbs extend and duplicate. Her color changes until she appears as a anthropomorphic spider.

When Jin’thek traveled to Jintha’alar with the green dragon Lethon, he incited an uprising amongst the trolls. He then formed an unlikely alliance of convenience with Myrokos Silentform and his retinue from Ravenholdt, who were in the city to steal the Ancient Egg.

Elortha no Shadra, a giant spider Kaiju, was awoken in Jintha’alor during the incident, and did battle with Lethon. Jin’thek and Myrokos attempted to make it to the top tier of the ziggurat to eliminate Jintha’alor’s leadership, and once there they encountered Jo’ra. Jo’ra took her spider form and battled the two invaders, during which they made the connection that Jo’ra’s powers were directly linked to Elortha no Shadra. Nontheless, Jo’ra managed to gain victory by webbing both of them to a wall.

Her enemies helpless, Jo’ra welcomed her ally Ba’jal to join in her victory and sacrifice the heroes to their Kaiju. Instead, Ba’jal struck Jo’ra down with his blade - killing her. The blow also weakened Elortha no Shadra, allowing Lethon to kill it.

Using Jo’ra’s corpse, Ba’jal then absorbed Elortha no Shadra’s essence into the Ancient Egg.

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