Born with the name Cenus Zanaxer, Javali was to become the hedonistic dictator of Dalaran during the Great War. Before his rise to autocracy, Javali was a member of the Council of Six in Dalaran, which had become a declining power. Faced with foreign aggression by the Lightist powers of Lordaeron and Stromgarde, Dalaran desperately searched for a way to exert its influence as strongly as it once had. The Hareveim took advantage of the situation, and proposed an alliance with Javali, who utilized an old law in the codes of the Kirin Tor to call for an election within the Council of Six.

The Council was split, with Franek Snowburn, Javali and Emberstone voting in favour of Javali's rise to power as dictator, but opposed by Grigori Dosantos, Nicholas Drake and Casamir Odelic. To rectify the situation, Javali turned to an election in which the people would decide. The Hareveim ensured a vigorous pagan turnout in favour of Javali. Thus, Javali was elected as Dictator of Dalaran. In protest, Grigori Dosantos formed the Kirin Mora and led an exodus from the city. The exodus was ambushed, Nicholas Drake was killed and a civil war was thus initiated.

The Kirin Mora opposed Dalaran's rule from their stronghold in Ambermill. When Casamir Odelic was killed, his apprentice, Ulyssan, became disillusioned with the Kirin Mora and fled to Dalaran, where he became Javali's majordomo.


A one man Council of Six.

Obsessed with marking history with his name, Javali led Dalaran into an eventual war with Lordaeron and subsequently Stromgarde after the disastrous Fenris Isle summit.

His favourite fruit is pomegranate.


"I am Javali."

"I am Javali."

"I am Javali."

"I am Javali."

"I am Javali."

Followers of Zinine
Hareveim of Dalaran (Zinizar  · Anazar  · Javali)
Azure Church of Gilneas (Herman Aranas  · Mordred Baldanes [D'vorjakque]  · Parisot de Bracy)
Kelani Empire (Aszune)

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