Janus DeMeza: The Legendary Seaman

A childhood friend of Phorcys, DeMeza served his admiral throughout his reign. He rose through the ranks to become commodore.Thaumas Proudmoore came to power after the disappearance of his father. When Phorcys returned as an otherwordly and overpowered abomination, Janus DeMeza was horrified. Thaumas immediately began to heed his warped father's advice and the country took a downward spiral, as discrimination against Lightists took root. As a Lightist himself, DeMeza led a rebellion and titled himself as 'admiral' in defiance of Thaumas. The power vacuum allowed Namor Periandrius to become commodore in his place.

Janus evaded capture for a long time, raising a rebellion on Tol Barad and seeding Lightist rebels in Middlecreek on Zul'Dare. Periandrius was assigned to hunt him down, while Xanthus Alverold and Thaumas handled domestic affairs. When Janus attacked Kul Tiras itself, Namor Periandrius was away searching in the wrong place. It was Phorcys and Thaumas who warded off the attack. Although the Lightists of Kul Tiras under Cyrus Reethe made a deal with Thaumas to help him stop Janus, the pact was quickly forgotten. When Thaumas was killed at the Summertide meeting on Fenris Isle, Periandrius and Phorcys took control of the nation.

Xanthus had struck a hard blow against Janus at Tol Barad, and Janus needed new allies. He let the lady Arinre Greymane find him and forged an alliance with her. Together they launched an attack on the Azure mosque at Zanzifos from Sorsbrent, which was a success. Thereafter, Janus handed command to Joachim Alten temporarily, and vanished to pursue a hidden agenda.

Sadly, Namor slew Janus during the Battle of Boralus.


"Boy! We finally have some good news. The makrura, Bullba, has declared a Kelp-War against Boralus. It means her entire society will henceforth consider Phorcys to be lumber for their lumberjacks."

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