James Sherman
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Marshal/Bright Lord








"The Butcher"

James Sherman was Marshal of the Army of Lordaeron in the time of the Great War of Lordaeron.

He was orphaned while very young and adopted by Hector Sherman. James progressed quickly through the ranks of the military of Lordaeron and was Marshal by the time of the Great War. During the civil war, he executed the Maroon High Council and hunted Andol Corin into the Hinterlands, winding up at Caer Darrow for a time. There he helped defeat Amron Radiun Malad.

Sherman was appointed leader of the Imperial Host when war was declared, and with the help of the Perinany Legion and Kirin Mora he drove the pagans from Silverpine and executed the people of Ambermill. His forces pushed back the Ironguard and the Western Legion of Hesperia.

A crisis of confidence arose over Sherman's leadership abilities, and the Perinany Legion forced Sherman to hand over control of the Imperial Host to them. When Gustav Mageriff betrayed the Lightists in the captured city of Venege, Sherman was roused from his inertia and regained control of the Host.

At Fenris Isle, he learned of the Perfectibilist Summit. Adaen Melrache then revealed to Sherman that he had been adopted by Hector because he fulfilled criteria for the prophecy of the Bright Lord; that Sherman was the Bright Lord, prophecied to purge Azeroth of paganism.

Sherman embraced this role.