Call Me Ishmael

Ishmael Khalabrond
was a man who theorized that the source of Phorcys' power was the mysterious Xaxion Drak'eem. Phorcys accused Ishmael of being a traitor due to his omniscience and had Thaumas strip him of his rank.

He lingered, however, and came back to power during the Kul Tiras Regency Council, serving as a stabilizing force.

He took Asenath Derleth back to Boralus from Zul'Dare.

When Seranidan and Talthressar turned on Kul Tiras, they interrogated Khalabrond to find out where Elaine Proudmoore was. Ishmael broke under the pressure and told them where she was, fulfilling Phorcys' prophecy that he would betray the Proudmoores. But Khalabrond managed to hide Xanthus Proudmoore from them and took shelter amidst the wreckage of the regency council hall. He died from his injuries after Henry Caldwell took the child from him.

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