The young twins Irael and Andrael were devotees of Muhar. They served under Madreen Chameral


throughout his campaigns in Hesperia and Stromgarde. It was Irael, however, who seemed to be the more promising candidate to succeed the aged Madreen.

Madreen led an army of clansmen into the Hinterlands and attempted to lay siege to Jintha'alor. The plan backfired and the army was forced to retreat into spider-infested caves. Irael managed to lead many to safety, though many more were not so lucky. Madreen himself managed to pull many back to Dalaran through portals.

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While in the caves, Irael used Mezejin blood magic to form an uncanny connection to the spiders there, changing his biology. He eventually broke away to do sick experiments on dwarf prisoners in the south of Stromgarde, near the Thandol Span.

Arronax Sanguinar sought out Irael and recruited him into his schemes.

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