Illidan Stormrage
Alternate Illidan
"We... were not prepared."


The Age of Men'heva


Night Elves; Rebels


Demon Hunter






Night Elf

In the Age of Men’heva, Illidan Stormrage was a Night elf demon hunter.

When Men’heva set his forces upon the Night Elves in a surprise attack, his first targets were the druids who slept in their Barrow Dens. His agents killed the majority of them, including Illidan’s brother Malfurion. With a large invasion force and without the aid of the druids, the Night Elves under Tyrande Whisperwind were on the defensive.

In an act of desperation, Tyrande freed Illidan from his imprisonment. Seeing the chance to please her and lead his people as he always wanted, he rallied the Night Elves against the invaders and fought them to a standstill in Kalimdor. He began a relationship with Tyrande that he could not have had when his brother was alive.

Illidan Eventually decided to combine forces with the rebellion against Men’heva in the Eastern Kingdoms lead by Jaina Proudmoore, and was present at the meeting where Warester Van Dam, Krasus, and Hocus Snood explained their mission to alter the past by retrieving the Ultimate Nullifier from the Scroll of Lore.

When they reached the Scroll of Lore, however, Illidan was overwhelmed by his trademark lust for power. He absorbed the Scroll and was transformed. Later, he was slain by demons of the Burning Legion.

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