Ichabod Cohen was a citizen of Middlecreek. As the only town on Zul'Dare to break the Isolation and maintain contact with Kul Tiras, Middlecreek was unpopular with the Esoteric Order, to say the least. The Esoterics often tried to stir up trouble in Middlecreek.

That was why Ichabod Cohen was appointed as Captain of the Guard of Middlecreek by fellow Lightist, Yuric Caldwell. He was tasked with keeping the town free of the influence of agents of Grinwillow.

Ichabod's job was not always easy. For example, when Donald Redpath sided with Kul Tiras openly, Ephraim Marsh destroyed Middlecreek and killed almost all of its inhabitants. Ichabod was knocked unconscious during the final purge and left for dead. When he awoke Middlecreek was gone. He wandered into the forest and stumbled across the Middlecreek Brigade, and joined them.

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