It Burns!!!

The Holy Nova is a suicidal prayer that was developed by the mad priest, Cardinal Tobijah Kruel. When a zealot utters the prayer, “Permissum Lux lucis exuro nos ut is mos exuro nostrum hostilis,” they explode in a surge of Holy Light - killing themselves and anyone in their vicinity.

Kruel taught the prayer to his Lightist Gilnean extremists and used them as fodder in terrorist attacks upon pagan and lightists alike. Once such attack was on Harrowdale and was lead by Amaulthar.

The prayer can be amplified, directed, and controlled more if used by one of Kruel’s Esarim, Lightist warriors empowered through ancient an ritual (though it still kills the one who uttered it). Such use of the Holy Nova prevented an assassination attempt on Kruel by Amarian Zeshuwal.

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