Hjalmar Anvilmar
Black fire pass by daarken-d3juwxr
The dwarven language lacks a term for polygamy.


The Age of Men'heva


Men'heva, Empire of the Five Hammers


Emperor of the Empire of the Five Hammers







Hjalmar Anvilmar was the High Thane and Emperor of the Empire of the Five Hammers in the Age of Men'heva.

His five wives were Bronzebeard Consort Moira Bronzebeard, Dark Iron Consort Modgud Thaurissan II, Wildhammer Consort Celia Wildhammer, Frostborn Consort Alflyse Icebellow and Skardyn Consort Kyshhra Yvhindd. While appearing powerful outwardly, in truth the dwarves were once more beginning to splinter. The Dark Iron clan had the largest rebel base under leader Dagran Thaurissan. The majority of the clan left the empire at Dagran's order and joined Jaina Proudmoore's Theramore Rebellion. The Wildhammer Clan also had a large amount of rebels within its ranks, such as the shaman MacKilligan.

It is unknown if he survived the Insurrection, let alone the destruction of Azeroth at the hands of the Burning Legion.

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