Hesperian Alliance

Main Leader

Dictator Javali

Secondary Leaders

Count Dorian Armonis of Nevezia, Count Alberto Zartus of Seashire, Count Ranndin Scipio of Andriano, Philip Juntridge of Tarren Mill, Lady Miranda Callahan of Venege, Lady Avette Korgal of Firezne, Count Sebastian Whiteford of Cattana, Lady Angela Lionheart of Tornio, Count Elrios Kaleiki of Pasata




Dalaran, Venege, Nevezia, Firezne, Seashire, Tarren Mill, Andriano, Pasata, Cattana, Tornio


To ensure the national integrity and future of Hesperia


Kingdom of Gilneas under Mordred Mortimar, Kingdom of Kul Tiras,

The Hesperian Alliance was the union of city-states in Hillsbrad.

The Great WarEdit


Dalaran Tabard

Tabard of Dalaran: Leaders of the Hesperian Alliance

The city-states of Hesperian Hillsbrad had been subject to subjugation and conflicts with their larger nations for decades. Cities such as Seashire and Andriano often faced threats from Kul Tiras or Stromgarde. Disputes that erupted rarely ended favourably for the weaker city-states. To this end, in the face of the growing threat of the kingdom of Lordaeron and the hidden motivations of Stromgarde, the city-state of Dalaran spearheaded a coalition that ended in the creation of the Hesperian Alliance. Dalaran, as the most powerful member of the Alliance was automatically the practical leader. Under the guidance of newly elected Dictator Javali, Dalaran formed the chain that held the city-states together.

Amongst the member states were the cities of Venege, Nevezia, Firezne, Seashire, Pasata, Tarren Mill, Pellerno and Andriano.

As the Hesperian Alliance, they waged war on the Kirin Mora, defeating them at Ambermill with the assistance of Count Dorian of Nevezia.