Henrick Balnir
The Queen-Killer.


People's Front of Lordaeron


Farmer, Bodyguard to Maximus Krowl







Henrick Balnir was a devout Muharist farmer. He grew up in his farmstead in the countryside, living an uneventful life and getting married and having children just as most of his neighbours and countrymen. As years progressed, things got worse, however. Henrick was a pagan, and life for pagans in Lordaeron could be tough if that fact was ever discovered.

One day, a certain Maximus Krowl was passing through the village. Krowl's horse was injured, and Henrick helped nurse the horse back to health and lodge Maximus, who was on his way to visit his family. They became friends, and Henrick managed to treat Krowl's horse without much trouble, for the injury was fortunately very slight. When Maximus became head of the People's Front, he promised Henrick his protection.

The Great WarEdit

Henrick and his brothers and cousins were captured by a cadre of Witch Hunters under the command of Borett Pureblood, and sent to Lordaeron City to await trial and possible execution for being supporters of the People's Front of Lordaeron. They pleaded innocence, and could not be proven guilty of collaboration, and were released.

Weeks later, Maximus Krowl turned himself in to the authorities, having struck a bargain with King Alford Menethil. It was this bargain that saw Maximus Krowl call up the few friends he had at hand to assist him in a most dire task; to seize the throne of Alterac. Krowl promised Henrick that if he succeeded, he would reforge Alterac to be a safe haven for pagans such as Henrick. Thus, Henrick set out to help Krowl take the throne of Alterac from the Xie dynasty.

The OperationEdit

Henrick Balnir

Man of the People?

Henrick met with old compatriots and assisted Krowl in his journey. They were stopped at the Fisher King Inn by the fugitive Caxagord, who instead helped them after killing the Chancellor, Chronokul Asher, who had been sent to contact them. Chronokul had decided to kill them, despite being a messenger from a friend. The Chancellor paid dearly and was slain.

Henrick assisted in the toppling of the Chancellor regime, becoming one of Krowl's top men in the new Alterac. When Krowl was poised to help Alford Menethil regain his throne from Andol Corin, however, Henrick reminded him of his true allegiances. Krowl decided to lead Alford into an ambush, orchestrated by Henrick and his convert, Liberius Laike. Henrick then had Lora Menethil killed and Alford imprisoned.

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