Hathvelion Hawkeye was once a member of the Unicorn Guard of the Sunstriders. He defected after the First Battle of Silvermoon and became
a member of the inner circle of Kariel Winthalus. He led part of the army patched together to fight during the Second Battle of Silvermoon. With the death of Elyon Summerdrake and Kariel's murder at the hands of Ephraim Marsh, Hathvelion found himself poised to become one of the lords of the Benefactors.

It was not to be so, however. The Seneschal of Karazhan raised Kariel Winthalus as a Lich. Lich Kariel then tore Hathvelion's arm off, and grafted it onto himself to make up for the one he had lost against Eralas Trollbane.

That left Hathvelion quite dead.

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