Lord Hathlaer

I answer to the Benefactors.

Lord Hathlaer was orphaned during the trollish invasion of Silvermoon City during the reign of warlord Jin'thek. Mathurin Hawkspear rescued him and handed him over into the safekeeping of Kariel Winthalus.

Centuries later, Hathlaer found himself at the helm of the High Order, one of the elven factions that sprang up in subsequent years. As its High Commander, Hathlaer secretly used it to further the cause of the Benefactors who had sponsored hm. To ensure Hathlaer's loyalty, Seranidan was posted as one of his officers within the High Order, passing on orders from the Benefactor echelons directly to Hathlaer.

After the Third War, the high elves had become the blood elves and Silvermoon had fallen once again. In the wake of the destruction, even the Benefactors were scattered. Hathlaer and Seranidan attempted to rebuild, and allied the High Order with other elven factions seeking to reclaim that which was lost. The Sunfury Covenant was formed as a rallying point for the disorganized and confused elven factions.

Aerandir takes the floor

Aerandir speaks.

In time, Hathlaer's connections to the Benefactors were made public, and Daladun Hawkspear turned the High Order's officers on their master because of it. Talassi, Vhay and Aerandir of the High Order poisoned and overthrew Hathlaer. They thought him dead, but found no trace of his body. Seranidan, in turn, vanished before he could be arrested.

Hathlaer resurfaced in time, which caused the Sunfury Covenant to call for his arrest. He was allowed to go free when the Covenant succumbed to its own infighting and ended up turning a blind eye to his seemingly harmless activities. Thereafter he pursued to mend his ties with Vhay, whom he had once commanded.

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