Harrowdale was a town in northern Gilneas. Its name was rather appropriate, for the town exuded an aura of sorrow. It laid upon the banks of the Lake Mirrormere. The lake was known for two traits; its perfectly clear, highly reflective water, and that it was shrinking, though rather slowly. From the lake flowed the River Rhun, which ran to the ocean and to Edhellond, a beautiful but dying town.

The Gilnean Civil WarEdit

During the Great War of Lordaeron the town was visited by two foreign parties; the pair of Warren Greystone and Magyver McGowan, and the Benefactor pair of Xalmor Windrunner. The former group had been sent to Gilneas to undermine the rule of Mordred Baldanes, and the latter to form an alliance with the man. Sensing something suspicious about McGowan and Greystone, who used pseudonyms, Xalmor arranged for a cattle stampede; the first of the tragedies to strike the town during their stay.

While the two groups mingled the town was attacked by Lightist extremists under the order of Tobijah Kruel, the mad cardinal. The four foreigners united to defeat the extremists and were praised as heroes.

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