Hareveim: Zinite Girls Gone Wild

The Hareveim sisterhood was an order of female priestesses loyal to Zinine.


During the time of the Kelani Empire, they flourished as integral parts of that elven kingdom. After the Sundering and the War of Kalidar, the Hareveim were reforged in the Eastern Kingdoms through human worshippers.

The Hareveim were best known for being talented torturers. Each Hareveim would own a Harev, a knife that healed any wounds it dealt. It was a tool of interrogation. As seekers of truth and wisdom, the Hareveim were able to detect lies. The head of the Hareveim is the Archareveim.

Followers of Zinine
Hareveim of Dalaran (Zinizar  · Anazar  · Javali)
Azure Church of Gilneas (Herman Aranas  · Mordred Baldanes [D'vorjakque]  · Parisot de Bracy)
Kelani Empire (Aszune)