Ha'lin was the Speaker of the Shadowpine, one of the smaller troll tribes of Zul'Aman before and during the Great War. He was a trusted and brave leader, who was always glad to dispense wisdom and help those in need in his clan. Although a fierce warrior of the spear, Ha'lin preferred to spend time alone when back in Zul'Aman during times of rest. Although he never hesitated to answer the call and play his part as the Speaker, he enjoyed the stillness of the forest and the call of the Loa on the wind.

When Jin'thek invited him to the Summertide, he was extremely weary at first, owing to his solitary lifestyle and the smallness and vulnerability of his tribe. However, at the Summertide itself his faith in Jin'thek finally grew and the Shadowpine found food and fellowship in the other tribes at last.

Ha'lin led the troll forces that took root in the Amani Catacombs, and ambushed the elven forces during their civil war between royalists and Benefactors. He led many of the forces that raged through Quel'Thalas, and fought alongside Nuvazgal of the Mosstusk. When Nuvazgal was nearly overcome by bloodlust and a desire for glory, Ha'lin reminded him of Jin'thek's words and the need for unity and discipline to achieve the trollish dream, rather than to send home only corpses.